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Statewide Map of Family Support Services in Nevada

The interactive map below displays support services in several topic areas, listed below.

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Service Types:
Family Resource Centers
Home Visiting
Foster/Adoption Services
Disabilty/Developmental Services
Caregiver Respite Services
Reunification Support
Domestic Violence Services
Sex Abuse Prevention/Education

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Below is a complete comprehensive list
of all free trianings and presentations available
to the State of Nevada relating to abuse prevention
and creating healthy relationships.
Brought to you by the support services listed on the map.
Nevada Presentations and Public Education
Campaigns Addressing the Prevention of Child Abuse,
Teen and Young Adult Relationship Abuse,
and the Promotion of Healthy Relationships

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      Service Type Descriptions

    1. Family Resource Centers:
      Family Resource Centers (FRCs) provide case management, information, and referrals for individuals and families in need of assistance in accessing services and programs that will strengthen and support the family. Some of these services include state program referrals, parenting classes, food pantries and child care assistance. Actual services vary by center so contact the FRC directly for more information about what is provided.
    2. Home Visiting:
      Home visiting is a service offered to support positive parenting, develop nurturing homes and promote healthy child development through regular home visits by trained professionals. Families, who are expecting or have children up to age 5, may voluntarily request these free in-home services. 
    3. Foster/Adoption Services:
      Foster and Adoption agencies throughout Nevada connect biological parents with potential adoptive parents.
    4. Disability/Developmental Services:
      Early intervention services are determined through an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that is developed for your child and family. By working closely with the family, early intervention professionals ensure that both services and community supports, including family supports, are brought together to meet each child's and family's unique needs
    5. Caregiver Respite Services:
      Caregiver Respite services provide an opportunity to rest and regroup for caretakes who are responsible for young children. These services are aimed at seniors over 55, caregivers and extended family members taking care of children other than their own. Requisites vary by agency, so contact the agency directly to see if you qualify.
    6. Reunification Support:
      Reunification Support Services are for parents who have been involved with Child Protective Services and/or Department of Family Services in their past and had their children removed from their custody. These programs help guide parents through the reunification process.
    7. Domestic Violence Services:
      Domestic Violence Services provides information on agencies that can assist with Temporary Protective Orders, shelter referrals and other human services respective to domestic violence situations for children and families. Agencies offer different services, contact agencies individually for complete information.
    8. Sex Abuse Prevention/Education:
      Children are at unique risk for sexual abuse. These agencies provide educational classes for children to help them recognize an unsafe situtation.


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