Policy and Nevada's Legislature


Documents for Nevada's 79th Legislative Session:

A Joint Project of The Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy and the Children's Advocacy Alliance

2017 Children's Bill Tracking


2017 Legislative Briefing Book

2017 Guidebook to Nevada's State Legislators

Public Health Bill Tracking

2017 Public Health Bill Tracking


Documents from Previous Legislative Sessions

Legislative Briefing Books
2015 Legislative Briefing Book
2013 Legislative Briefing Book
2011 Legislative Briefing Book
2009 Legislative Briefing Book
2005 Legislative Briefing Book

Bill Tracking
2015 Children's Bill Draft Tracking List: NICRP & CAA
2013 Children's Bill Tracking List: NICRP & CAA - FINAL
2011 NICRP Bill Tracking List - FINAL
2009 NICRP Bill Tracking List - FINAL
2007 NICRP Bill Tracking List - FINAL

Public Health Bill Tracking
2013 Public Health Bill Tracking List - FINAL
2011 Public Health Bill Tracking List - FINAL
2009 Public Health Bill Tracking List - FINAL
2007 Public Health Bill Tracking List - FINAL

Nevada Legislative Building

Children's Week at the Nevada Legislature
March 13th - 16th
, 2017
Children's Week Website

2015 Event Summary

Legislative Bill Tracking:
A complete up-to-date list of BDR/Bills for the current legislative session that may have an impact on children and their families, public health and/or medical fields including links to the State Legislature Website and information on the status of the bills.

Nevada State Legislature

79th (2017) Legislative Session

NICRP Policy Briefs

Summary of the Early Childhood Summit on Services for Homeless Children and Families

Nevada Non-Profit's Children's Summit Policy Brief

Study Brief Nevada Medicaid and Check Up Programs: Barriers to Enrollment and Utilization

Nevada State Capitol Building