Do Nevadans Prioritize Early Childhood Education? An Opinion Poll on Early Childhood Education in the State of Nevada - Full Report

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    Preventing Childhood Injuries to Keep Your Child Safe - Resource Guide

    Performance Audit of Nevada's Child Welfare System - Full Report

    Study of Health, Safety, Welfare and Civil and Other Rights of Children in Government and Private Facilities in Nevada. December 2006 - Full Report

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Annual Report of Child Deaths in Clark County:

Health Status of Children Entering Kindergarten Survey:

Haboush, A., Phebus, T., Hensley, S., Teramoto, M., & Tanata, D. (Accepted). The Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage on Access to Healthcare in Children Entering Kindergarten. Maternal and Child Health Journal. DOI: 10.1007/s10995-013-1420-9

Haboush, A., Phebus, T., Ashby, D., Zaikina-Montgomery, H., & Kindig, K. (2011). Still unhealthy 2009: Building community research to identify risk factors and health outcomes in childhood obesity. Journal Of Community Health: The Publication For Health Promotion And Disease Prevention, 36(1), 111-120. doi:10.1007/s10900-010-9288-8

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Annual Evaluation:

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention:

Safe Injection Materials Evaluation Executive Summary - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Access to Reproductive Health Services Among Low SES Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Clark County, Nevada: A Comprehensive Needs Assessment. August 2007- FULL REPORT

Guide to a Successful Pregnancy: A Resource Manual for Pregnant and Parenting Young Women in Clark County. June 2007. ENGLISH  |  SPANISH

Mental Health Services for Incarcerated Youth in Nevada - FULL REPORT

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    Strategies and Tools to Embrace Prevention w/ Upstream Programs (STEP UP): A Comprehensive Evaluation Report - FULL REPORT available by request

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NICRP Documents from Nevada's Legislative Sessions

Legislative Bill Tracking: A complete up-to-date list of BDR/Bills for the current Legislative Session that may have an impact on children and their families, public health and/or medical fields including links to the State Legislature Website and information on the status of the bills. The next legislative session in Nevada will begin in February 2017.

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