State Plan and Reports

Nevada ECOP State Plan 2021-2026

Reducing and preventing childhood obesity in Nevada is achievable through consistent efforts introduced and supported by children’s parents, guardians, caregivers, coaches, teachers, Early Care and Education (ECE) providers, health care providers, and community members. The Nevada Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Plan provides a valuable framework offering support for community leaders in promoting healthy behaviors and helping to build stronger communities.

Nevada ECOP Annual Report 2021-2022

The Nevada Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Workgroup is collaborating to combat the ever-growing numbers of overweight and obesity in young children ages 0 to 8. Led by the Nevada Institute of Children’s Research and Policy, the workgroup is a coalition of individuals and organizations from across the state of Nevada who are committed to reducing rates of childhood obesity by promoting education and outreach, providing supports to early childhood providers and ensuring that appropriate resources are available to assist children and families in making healthy choices.

About Nevada ECOP

Nevada ECOP Policy Brief

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