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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

1 in 4 women and 1 in 20 men self-report having been sexually abused as children, almost always by someone they knew, trusted, or loved. 87% of sexual abuse cases are never reported. It is estimated that 93% of sexual abuse victims know their abusers. Additionally, 35-50% of abusers are less than 18 years of age.


Any sexual activity between an adult and a child or adolescent is abusive and illegal. It can also be sexual activity between two children of significantly unequal power and development caused by differences in age, size, or mental or physical development.

Child sexual abuse can include both touch and non-touching behaviors. Both are damaging to children and teens and both are against the law (Information gathered from Program Materials).

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention FACTS:

  • Who are the Victims?

  • Abusers and Grooming Tactics

  • Signs & Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Stages of Healthy Sexual Development

  • Preventing Abuse Starts in the Home

  • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

    For General Information: For Parents & Youth Serving Organizations: Reporting Information: Enough Abuse Informational Brochure Statewide Child Abuse Hotline: (800) 992-5757
    The Rape Crisis Center Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse: A Prevention Guide for Parents Clark County Family Services: (702) 399-0081
    Nevada Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Report Statewide Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children Website Washoe County Protective Services: (775) 785-8600
    National Sexual Violence Resource Center Sexual Abuse Safe-Child Standards: Youth Serving Organizations
    2015 Nevada Opinion Poll Quick Facts
    Enough Abuse Info Brochure - Spanish Hablando Claro Acerca Del Abuso Sexual Infantil: Una Guía Preventiva Para Los Padres


    2015 Nevada Public Opinion Survey on Child Sexual Abuse

    Quick Facts:
  • 8 out of 10 residents believe child sexual abuse is a serious problem in Nevada; 9 out of 10 citizens believe it is preventable.
  • 94% agree that community wide efforts to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect would be helpful in reducing child abuse and neglect.
  • 93% believe adults and communities rather than children should take prime responsibility for preventing child sexual abuse.
  • 92% of respondents agree there is a role for every person, neighborhood, group, organization, business and entity to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • 92% of residents are confident that they would know how to respond appropriately if they suspected or knew that someone in their family in their family or an acquaintance was physically or sexually abusing a child or teen.
  • 43.8% of respondents knew nothing or very little about child sexual abuse.
  • 65% of citizens surveyed said they would be willing to participate in local trainings to learn more about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it.
  • To download the Fact Sheet, click here.

    Statewide Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

    The purpose of the Nevada Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse is to identify and implement strategies, goals, and recommendations for preventing child sexual abuse in Nevada.

    For More Information about the Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, please visit the Task Force Website: Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Website

    enough secrets. enough shame. enough hurt. enough confusion. enough denial.
    enough child sexual abuse.

    Enough Abuse! educational curricula/materials address strategies to prevent child sexual abuse. Adults and communities take primary responsibility for preventing child sexual abuse.


    If you would like to schedule a training or customize a presentation for your group or organization, please contact The Signs of Hope at +1(702)366-1640 or email

    We have multiple FREE presentations available, offered by trained facilitators that range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length. Presentations and high-quality materials are geared toward specific audiences including medical and mental health professionals, parents, and those who work in youth-serving organizations.

    All presentations provide the most up-to-date information on child sexual abuse prevention. The information presented is all cited, well researched, and well-received.

    In March 2015, The Signs of Hope, formerly The Rape Crisis Center, partnered with Prevent Child Abuse Nevada and brought the Enough Abuse! Campaign to Nevada to educate and empower our community to end Child Sexual Abuse.

    The Enough Abuse Campaign and the creation of its’ materials were originally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Enough Abuse! materials were created by Prevent Child Abuse Massachusetts.



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