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At Prevent Child Abuse Nevada, we monitor critical legislation that impacts children and families; work to obtain and maintain funding for prevention programs; and collaborate with organizations, community leaders and public policy makers.

Advocacy Activities

Influence public policy, programs, and practices that strengthen families and protect children by regularly distributing information regarding child abuse prevention initiatives, activities, legislation, and campaigns.

PCA Nevada provides advocacy training to public agencies and organizations serving children in an effort to enhance the quality, availability and effectiveness of programs and services in Nevada.

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It is important that all Nevadans become mindful of the financial and social impact of NOT caring for our youngest citizens and their families. Investments in creating safe, stable, nurturing environments and relationships results in families with a higher quality of life and greater contribution to their communities, resulting in better paying jobs, higher tax contributions, and less dependence on public support throughout their entire lives. We want our legislators to know that they must act to improve supports and opportunities so that families can contribute to the well-being of our State economy.

Legislation Documents
Documents that describe current legislation documents and statistics in children issues that include child abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse Advocacy Documents:
Learn more about current goals and agenda items on advocacy in our organization

Find your Legislator
If you are interested in advocating to prevent child abuse or urge your legislator to vote for bills that are supporting families. Please take the time and look over who is your legislator and how to contact them.
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If you would like to get involved, please email us at or call us at (702) 895-1040.

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